The role of the Ethnic Peoples Advisory Panel

The Ethnic Peoples Advisory Panel (EPAP) offers advice based on their experiences living as people from ethnic cultures, to help us improve outcomes for this community.


We will

1) Identify the issues that are important to people from ethnic cultures

2) Provide advice on our regional strategies, policies and plans

3 ) Help us effectively engage with people from ethnic cultures



Current Term

Members of the panel 2017-2019

Sunil Kaushal (chair)
Jade Tang-Taylor (deputy chair)
Anita Keestra
Bill Guan
Dave Tomu
Jessica Phuang
Ljubica Mamula-Seadon
Naoe Hashimoto
Councillor Alf Filipaina (liaison councillor)
Councillor Cathy Casey (chief liaison councillor)
Lead officers: Cecilia Tse, Shameel Sahib



Second Term

Members of the panel 2013-2016

Feroz Ali (Chair until March 2015)
Dave Tomu (Deputy Chair until March 2015, Chair from April 2015)
Anita Keestra (Deputy Chair from April 2015
Carlos Abdelrahman
Asoka Basnayake
Naoe Hashimoto
Yee Yang 'Square' Lee
Angela Lim
Kafeba Mundele
Wong Liu Shueng
Christian Dee Yao
Cr Denise Krum (Liaison Councillor)



First Term

Members of the panel 2010-2013

Camille Nakhid (Chair)
Amail Habib (Deputy Chair)
Asoka Basnayake
Bevan Chuang
Sadiqa Hajee
John Hong
Kafeba Mundele
Ann Pala, QSM
Grace Ryu
Jeet Suchdev, JP, QSM
Kudakwashe Tuwe
Susan Zhu


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